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Re: [] Improving license check for dependencies

I concur with what Wayne is writing here. I'm a little bit concerned that removing the need for a PMC approval might cause problems, especially for projects with many new committers. With the new IP policies in place I expect the number of new CQs to drop significantly and cause much less of a hassle.

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> 2. apr. 2020 kl. 06:39 skrev Wayne Beaton <wayne.beaton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> The +1 comes from the PMC before the Eclipse IP Team engages. When the PMC gives a -1, the Eclipse IP Team would not engage in their review.
> The intent is to have the PMC decide whether or not the CQ makes technical sense. Specifically, the IP Team depends on the PMC to confirm that the requested dependency is indeed, for example, a prerequisite (and not, say, a works with). The EMO and IP Team are not generally able to make that assessment. The engagement from the PMC also gives the IP Team a hook into the PMC the event that they need assistance in working through issues encountered in their review (when they need more help than the project team can provide).
> Note that there is precedence for PMCs giving -1.
> Wayne

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