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[] 20181011 Meeting Notes


Here are the minutes from today's meeting. Please add items if you have them.




Wayne included an extensive update on the EDP work in his EMO update.

Update from EMO (Wayne):

* EDP now switch to ASCII doc

* Release review now separate from release

* Would really appreciate feedback on the document:

* Will use Wednesday meeting to setup a formal vote on the changes to the process

* Big concern about keeping the process rigorous but with some agility

* Other news: What about the definitions of important things at Eclipse? Like projects, releases, etc.?

* Not clear to Wayne if the Eclipse Specification Process is owned by the AC

* Otherwise, been annoying other groups at EF too! ;)

* On JakartaEE: Brought on 39 new projects, ~160 new committers. Now 15-20% of what Eclipse does. IP team has been working like crazy and processed 30% more CQs this year than for all of 2017. Denis' team is running well beyond capacity too. Big thanks all around!

Infrastructure Update (Denis):

* CI team swamped by ~40 build instances for JakartaEE team. Created massive backlog.

Action Items:

* Wayne - Will send most recent version of the document.

* Wayne - Will hold electronic vote before face to face vote at ECE. If anyone votes no, Wayne will vote no at the face to face meeting.

* Wayne - Will send out definitions document.

Jay Jay Billings
Team Lead, Scientific Software Development
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Twitter Handle: @jayjaybillings

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