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[] Eclipse Development Process 2018

Gunnar has set up a GitHub repository for us to use to create the next version of the Eclipse Development Process. We've converted the current version into Asciidoctor format which should make it easier to edit and track changes.

Issues support is turned on in this repository. I'd like you to please avoid moving any discussion regarding the process itself to GitHub Issues.

I'd really like to avoid splitting the discussion. So, please, let's keep discussion regarding the content of the document: additions,  restructuring, changes that we'd like to make to the process itself, etc. under the Community/Architecture Council component in our Bugzilla instance.

We can use the GitHub Issues for discussion that pertain directly to that repository (e.g. I've opened an issue to suggest that we move the Asciidoctor representation to the handbook).

Over the next week, I'd like to address these two issues specifically:
If you have anything to add on either of these bugs, please add your comments ASAP. Especially look at Gunnar's comment 12 on the "lighten the burden" one.

Wayne Beaton
Director of Open Source Projects
The Eclipse Foundation

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