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Re: [] JEP 336: deprecate pack200

To be fair, we should only compare the size of *.jar which have matching .jar.pack.gz. So far it's not the case

mbarbero@build:~> find ~/downloads/releases/photon/201806271001/plugins -name "*.jar" | wc -l
mbarbero@build:~> find ~/downloads/releases/photon/201806271001/plugins -name "*.jar.pack.gz" | wc -l

We've twice as many .jar than .jar.pack.gz. So:

mbarbero@build:~> find ~/downloads/releases/photon/201806271001/plugins -name "*.jar.pack.gz" -print0 | sed -e 's/jar.pack.gz/jar/g' | du -hc --files0-from=- | tail -n 1
1,2G total

So we're talking 1.2G vs 741M for a ~ half of the repo.


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Le 26 juin 2018 à 10:42, Mickael Istria <mistria@xxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

FWIW, from the download location itself.

mistria@build:~/downloads/releases/photon/201806271001/plugins> du -ch *.jar.pack.gz
741M    total
mistria@build:~/downloads/releases/photon/201806271001/plugins> du -ch *.jar
1.8GB    total

So it's ~60% less, and Lars experiment with gz shows that gz keeps the same ratio after compression.

So are we ready to increase the download ratio caused by updates to by 115% ?

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