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[] Continuous IP Logs submission/validation?

Hi all,

I see Wayne asked most projects to generate and submit their IP Log for SimRel.
While this is a simple task to achieve with PMI, it's still one manual task to care about as a project lead. I'm wondering if this step could be replaced by some more automated submission.
AFAIK, IP Logs do only contain delta compared to previous one. Am I right? If so, am I also right to assume that sending 1 big ip log approval request in a year is as much work for IP team as sending 2 half size IP Logs every 6 months for the same timeframe?
If the answer to above question is positive, then couldn't IP log be created and sent for review automatically and continuously whenever a project has set a date for a future release. Somthing like sending IP Logs monthly for projects which are active could replace the manual steps and better distribute the workload of doing the review on the whole year instead of the typical rush I imagine in May (for Simultaneous Release) or some other months when Jakarta EE goes to release all its projects too.

Would that be doable?
Would that have a positive/negative impact on projects, on IP team?
Mickael Istria
Eclipse IDE developer, for Red Hat Developers

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