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[] Help me welcome our newest members!

Greetings Eclipse Architecture Council.

A little while ago, Mike indicated that he would be appointing some new members to the Eclipse Architecture Council to represent some under represented interests within the Eclipse developer community.

Late last week, at Mike's direction, I appointed the following people:

Nikhil Nanivadekar, Ivar Grimstad, Jesse McConnell, Jonah Graham, Emily Jiang, Julien Viet, Jeff Johnston, and Dmitry Kornilov

You may recognize many of these names.

To all of our new members, information about the Eclipse Architecture Council and what we do is in the wiki [1]. We also keep information about upcoming meetings and minutes from past meetings there.

Our next meeting [2] is scheduled for this Thursday, May 17 at 1100h EDT.

At the risk of pre-empting our new Eclipse Architecture Council Chair...

I've added two items to the agenda: first is to introduce the new members. Please come prepared to say a few words about yourself, and--in particular--the Eclipse Projects that you work on (given that there are so many new members, please plan to present the short version).

I've also added an item to review the existing open bugs against the EDP as a means of starting the conversation regarding the requirements for an update. One of my goals is to have an outline new version of the Eclipse Development Process crafted by the end of this quarter and am hopeful that this discussion will provide us with valuable input into that process.




Wayne Beaton
Director of Open Source Projects
The Eclipse Foundation

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