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Re: [] Meeting this week

We start at 18:30 CET (12:30pm EDT) on Wednesday in Seminaraum 5.

I've been told that we'll have a speaker phone; we'll use the normal dial-in.

There's also a video call link on the calendar entry. We'll try to use that too (though I suspect that we'll run into the attendee limit pretty quickly). The wifi has been spotty, so this may fail. Consider the video call as a secondary means of connecting: it will be better for everybody on the phone if everybody uses the phone.

Everybody in attendance at EclipseCon: grab dinner from the reception on your way over to the room!

Jim, can you plan to spend a couple of minutes briefing the council on the status of the LocationTech projects? We'll include this early/first in the meeting so that you can drop off when we inevitably get really deep into the Eclipse IDE weeds :-)

Mickael and/or Doug: can you plan to spend a few minutes chatting about the status of the UI Guidelines work?

I'm speaking during the last session of the day, so I may be a little late getting the call started. Please be patient.


On 25/10/16 05:46 AM, Doug Schaefer wrote:
Did I miss the notice on when we were going to get together this week? If not, do we know when and where it is?


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