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[] Eclipse Community Content at Devoxx US

Greetings Architecture Council.

The Devoxx conference franchise, which is a well-established brand in Europe is branching out into North America. Devoxx US will run from March 21-23/2017 at the San Jose Convention Center in sunny California. The Eclipse Foundation is helping run the event and so we'd very much like for there to be a significant Eclipse community presence at the conference. There will actually be a dedicated and collocated Eclipse Conference (Eclipse Converge) on March 20/2017. Devoxx is the largest vendor-neutral developer conference in the world that is designed by developers, for developers.

The Call for Papers for Devoxx US is already open, and I am hoping to see lots of submissions from the Eclipse community. I would especially like to see as much "IDE" content as possible (especially in the Java Language track). Note that once the Eclipse Converge CfP opens in mid-November; you will also probably want to submit content there as well.


Just so you know, both Benjamin and I are part of the Program Committee, so we'll be there to put up the good fight to get your content selected.

We're still early in the CFP process, but it would be great if you can take a couple of minutes out of your day at your earliest convenience to pitch a talk or two.

Please also spread the word. Let me know if you have any questions.



Note that I shamelessly stole much of the content of this note from one crafted by Benjamin Cabe for the IoT projects.

Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation

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