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Re: [] SO survey

On 03/21/2016 11:15 AM, Christian Campo wrote:
I am NOT really good at interpreting statistics but it looks to me that you compare 26% from a developer developer survey to 9.1 % from a overall desktop browsing statistics. (that is web servers analyzing the client OS)
In my later mail, I'm comparing the audience of the SO survey vs the people who download Eclipse IDE. Those groups are IMHO comparable enough to at least question, or even invalidate, the results of the SO survey regarding OS distribution.

the browser client might send a wrong user agent (firefox even on mac can pretend to be windows)
I would ask Eclipse webmasters about that. So far, I never heard of some mac users inadvertently downloading Eclipse IDE for Windows.

  • Windows users do more websurfing than OS X users
What is this assertion? What does that imply? Do you have a source?

If I look in technical talks into the audience you see a lot of Macs (undeniable) I believe a lot more that 9.1 %.
It's actually quite similar to SO: Mac are over-represented in such events. It's much more reliable to trust download stats than it is to trust a few people in conferences. There is a silent majority in the domain of sofware development. People who tend to not go to conference and to answer less to stack overflow survey. This silent majority is taken into account in download stats as much as the SO users or the conference attendees because it's more or less a "universal" entry-point.
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