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[] Fwd: [ec] 16 February 2016 EC ballot reminder: 2 items for voting

Dear AC members,

We would be particularly interested in your thoughts on JSR 377 the "Desktop|Embedded Application API". This seems to be somewhat competitive with the Eclipse RCP platform.

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Subject: [ec] 16 February 2016 EC ballot reminder: 2 items for voting
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2016 09:46:24 -0800
From: Harold Ogle <harold@xxxxxxx>
Organization: JCP
To: ec@xxxxxxx

This is a courtesy reminder that the EC Ballot is available, and there are two items on the ballot for voting.

JSR 377 - Desktop|Embedded Application API - JSR Renewal Ballot
Last day to vote: 29 February 2016
URL for JSR proposal:
The Specification Lead has provided the following to demonstrate that the JSR should be approved to continue:
"Development of the JSR-377 spec was successfully started in early 2015 
and continued of to this date. Online discussions and face-to-face 
meetings have occurred during the whole year, this includes EG members 
and external contributors. A version of the current API design has been 
posted to the code repository. Still pending: posting updates to the 
specification documentation with more explanations of the overall design
 and reasoning behind each of the API's elements."

JSR 364 - Broadening JCP Membership - Final Approval Ballot
Last day to vote: 29 February 2016
URL for FAB materials:


EC representatives can log in to the ballot page ( or on the EC private page ( using their own SSO logins. When there are ballot items, please try to log in and vote early, so that you can send us any questions about your login before the ballot closes. Ballots are usually two weeks long, so you have plenty of time to vote before the last day. 

The voting deadline for any ballot is 23:59:59 Pacific Time of the last day to vote of the ballot. To be counted, your vote must be placed before that time. You are encouraged to verify that your vote has been recorded after you cast it: check to make sure that the log reflects your comments and the tally of votes updates to include your vote. If you have any difficulty casting your vote during the ballot, contact pmo@xxxxxxx *immediately*, explaining the problem, and state what your vote is (along with any comments), so that it can be recorded if the problem persists. If the primary EC representative cannot cast the vote for whatever reason, it is the job of the alternate contact(s) to cast the vote instead. Making sure your votes are cast is a big reason why you have alternate representatives.

EC accounts are tied to the individual EC representatives, and are the same login credentials used elsewhere on the site. Each EC Member representative - primary and alternates - has permissions to cast votes and access EC meeting agendas and other EC-private information. If your EC Member wishes to add or remove a particular representative, the primary EC representative should contact admin@xxxxxxx with the details of the change. New representatives will need to register their own SSO accounts on and verify their e-mail addresses before the PMO can add EC privileges. 

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