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[] FEEP Voting, Iteration #1 - Closing

Greetings Architecture Council,

another week passed. We had some great discussions on whether to spend FEEP funding for fixing issues in Platform with quite controversial positions. I appreciate all the comments and positions.

Here is the latest version of the prioritized list of FEEP items:

480176[FEEP] Allow user to discover plugins to edit a specific type of file1,521
479686[FEEP] Improve GTK 3.0 support1,522
482409[FEEP] Fix issues in Mac SWT port1,419
482236[FEEP] JVM selection UI in the launcher1,320
482034[FEEP] p2 improvements1,119
480547[FEEP] Prompt user to install additional plugins0,920
480177[FEEP] WTP XML editor technology face-lift0,820
482037[FEEP][platform] Fund a developer to triage and fix the most frequently occurring errors in Platform UI0,620
479536[FEEP] Improve Tooling Support for NullPointerAnalysis0,420
480551[FEEP] Enable "refresh using native hooks"0,420
480546[FEEP] Make everything available in Eclipse Marketplace0,320
480024[FEEP][jdt] Fund a developer to triage and fix the most frequently occurring errors in JDT0,420
481227[FEEP] Improve Dark Theme0,120
479541[FEEP] New Project Website for our IDE-2,02
480550[FEEP] Tips & tricks dialog-0,120
480553[FEEP] Review most used marketplace plug-ins-0,820

whether you do not vote or vote „0“ has a significant impact on the average. When considering no-vote as equal to 0, the order stays the same. When considering 0 as equal to no-vote, the order of some items changes significantly. For instance "[FEEP] Make everything available in Eclipse Marketplace“, goes up from 13 to 9. I assume that it reflects the intension of most voters that "no value" means "no opinion“ means „0“. I’ve added additional sheets to the voting sheet if you’d like to review.

The next architecture council meeting takes place on 2015-12-10. My aim is to get final AC agreement to send this list as „ AC’s prioritized list of recommended work items for FEEP #1“ to the FEEP organizers. 
I’m not sure whether this will work out as I hope - but my hope is that there will be no further discussions *during* the AC meeting about the priorities.

Thank you for voting and passionate discussions on the controversial topics.

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