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Re: [] Your thoughts on some JSRs

Am 26.03.2014 03:52, schrieb Wayne Beaton:
How useful are these requests? Frankly, I can't recall the last time anybody provided any feedback.

Does the Architecture Council want to be in the loop, or do we trust Mike to make the correct decision without AC input?

Should I just keep posting these with the expectation that when a JSR aligns with personal interest, somebody will speak up?
That sounds like a good plan to me ;-)





JSR 48 - WBEM Services Specification - Final Approval Ballot
Last day to vote: 7 April 2014
URL for FAB materials:

JSR 363 Units of Measurement - JSR Review
Appears on the ballot: 7 April 2014

There is one JSR in Maintenance Review this week. Please review the list of proposed changes now and provide feedback to the Maintenance Lead(s) before the end of the review.

JSR 346 Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE - Maintenance Review
Appears on the ballot: 1 April 2014
URL for MR materials:


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