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[] Eclipse Development Process 2014

The 2014 edition of the Eclipse Development Process is ready for review.

You can find the latest draft here:

There is a link to "Changes made since the previous version of this document" on the right side. Note that the PDF links don't work yet. I'll generate those documents after we've accepted the document (the board of directors apparently likes PDFs).

Please be kind with regard to the differences document. I had some challenges with the diff generator and the HTML, and so some of the differences manifest in a slightly odd manner.

I did turn off case sensitivity in the diff as I did made extensive changes in capitalization. I believe that the document now uses conventional grammar rules in this regard.

I've left some of the bugs open as blockers on the master bug, [1], because I thought that they might be a bit controversial, or maybe there might be some further discussion.

The one that I'd most like to draw to your attention is Bug 4156363 which asks that we ensure that this document fully supports the social coding efforts we have underway. I believe that it does and that no additions are required. Your confirmation is appreciated.

We can discuss any concerns that you have with the document here, or in bugs.

I would like to deliver this document to the board of directors in time for their December meeting.


Wayne Beaton
Director of Open Source Projects, The Eclipse Foundation
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          Europe 2013

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