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Re: [] Nominations for Maximilian Kögel and Jonas Helming

Dear AC Members,


As of today, Maximilian Kögel and Jonas Helming have received an impressive support of 18 +1 votes each for becoming a new AC member (including Ed’s implicit vote as the nominator).


Congratulations !


Yet, taking our nomination rules [1] seriously, they must receive a simple majority of non-dormant AC members and as per my current counting we have 37 non-dormant AC members in our ranks [2] so the majority isn’t reached yet.


This is a funny situation that we haven’t ever had before, but I’d like to take it seriously and use this incident as a reason for checking our membership and activity status. Perhaps we have too many people in our ranks who don’t really care participating in the AC any more ? I have followed up with some members as well as the EMO to clarify some member’s status; at the same time, those of you who haven’t voted yet could also add your votes now (and validate this way that you’re not dormant indeed).


I know that I haven’t voted myself yet; this is because in this case I didn’t have even the slightest kind of contact so far so I wouldn’t find it fair giving my vote. I’m confident that there’s going to be enough support if we do this right (some people might just be out on vacation and I don’t think there’s any hurry).


Thanks for your understanding,








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From: [] On Behalf Of Naci Dai
Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 5:12 AM
Subject: Re: [] Nominations for Maximilian Kögel and Jonas Helming




On Monday, July 29, 2013, Tsvetkov, Krum wrote:




From:        Ed Merks <ed.merks@xxxxxxxxx>
Date:        07/19/2013 10:02 AM
Subject:        [] Nominations for Maximilian Kögel and Jonas Helming
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Esteemed Colleges,

I'd like to nominate Maximilian Kögel and Jonas Helming to the Architecture Council.  They've both been working with Eclipse for a great many years and are actively developing the cool-and-popular EMF Store project:
They're passionate promoters of the Eclipse community and of Eclipse technologies.  Their experience would make them excellent mentors for other projects so I feel they would be valuable additions to the Council.


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