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Re: [] Mentors needed

Hello folks,

I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I have not done project mentoring so far. But
I would like to change that and become a project mentor. But since I have no experience
in mentoring eclipse projects I'd need a mentor to mentor me mentoring ;-)

Since each project has two mentors, I'd like to become the 'junior' mentor
at the side of an experienced mentor...

All 4 projects would fall in the realm of my interest and experience
(in the order listed below) :-)

So, I would do the mentoring for one or two of the projects if the other
mentor is willing deal with a totally inexperienced mentor ;-)


On 2013-06-11 22:12, Wayne Beaton wrote:
Greetings folks.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that the root of my concern that nobody has stepped up to mentor some new projects seems to be because nobody was getting the emails.

I swear that at one point bugs raised against "Community/Architecture Council" sent a note to this list (this list is the default assignee for that component). It appears, though, that Bugzilla is configured to not actually send messages to
the list. Either I was dreaming in the past, or somebody changed it. Probably the former.


I need mentors for Fundamental Modeling Concepts [1], Ogee [2], Polarsys Arcon [3], and Polarsys Polychrony [4].

Is anybody falling short on their altruism quota?



Wayne Beaton
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