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[] CVS will be shut down

Greetings Architecture Council.

The CVS shut down date, December 21/2012, is a little over two weeks away.

We still have a handful of projects that have not initiated efforts to migrate.

Please take second to review the list of projects that still use CVS [1]. Some of them do have migrations in progress (you can find them in Bugzilla under Community/Git). If you have any connection with these projects, please press them about starting their migration immediately. Some of them may just need to update their metadata.

Note that Orbit is the only project that has been granted an exception and will continue to run on CVS, though at a tier three (next business day) priority [1].

All other projects that do not migrate their CVS repositories before the deadline will become candidates for termination.



Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
Twitter: @waynebeaton
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