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Re: [] New AC Candidates

Am 20.10.2012 01:19, schrieb Oberhuber, Martin:

Hi all,


I guess the official 1-week voting period is over, and we’ve seen outstanding support for the new AC candidates:


Benjamin Cabe – 21 +1

Eike Stepper – 21 +1

Ian Bull – 24 +1


I’m not sure how Ian gets more votes in my counting than Eike and Benjamin (maybe it’s an oversight), but I don’t feel like wading through all those E-Mails in detail since at any rate it’s an amazing sign of community support for all 3 new candidates !


Benjamin, Eike and Ian – being voted into the Eclipse Architecture Council is an acknowledgement of your technical leadership and achievements for the community; taking that into account, we want to ask you to set aside a bit of your time for keeping in touch, providing your insight and serving as a Mentor for new projects.


Are you going to officially accept the nomination ?

I'm absolutely speechless and very happy to accept ;-)

Be assured that I'll give my best to justify the trust you put in me!

See you at the Con tonight...



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