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RE: [] FindBugs

We used it for a while on Mylyn, at a time when our policy was not having zero compiler warnings on commit.  That’s changed, and I was thinking that we should try to go after fixing all the improved JDT warnings before going after additional ones.  So we stopped using it.  But FindBugs does have some nice checking that the JDT compiler does not, and I’d be interested in adopting it as a best practice if a few other projects are finding it useful day-to-day.





Mik Kersten, Ph.D.


Project Lead:


From: [] On Behalf Of Boris Bokowski
Sent: June-05-09 12:16 PM
Subject: Re: [] FindBugs wrote on 06/05/2009 02:27:58 PM:
> Does anybody on the AC have experience with FindBugs that they'd care to
> share?

I have used FindBugs and was impressed by the high signal to noise ratio. You can also configure it to only report new issues that have been introduced since a certain baseline. That way, you can avoid having to look through false positives more than once.

> I'd like the AC to consider making the use of FindBugs a best practice
> recommendation for projects.

Makes sense to me.


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