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Re: [] RE: JSRs

If public discussion isn't allowed, another option would be to just discuss it verbally during architecture council calls. Of course the EMO will have the final say, but we could use that channel to provide project input to the process.

John wrote on 05/28/2009 09:32:35 AM:

> Hi folks. I am going to take a look through the JCP documentation to
> make sure that we're allowed to discuss the vote in a public forum.
> Assuming that it's not a violation of the JCP rules, I will post notice
> of the votes as they come up to solicit discussion and recommendation
> from the Architecture Council members.
> Ultimately, while input from the Architecture Council will be valuable
> in the decision making process, there are many factors that Mike and I
> consider when casting a vote on behalf of Eclipse.
> More later.
> Wayne

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