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[] [Bug 259196] Separate the debug framework from JDT  
Product/Component: JDT / Debug

John Arthorne <john_arthorne@xxxxxxxxxx> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |Darin_Wright@xxxxxxxxxx
         AssignedTo|   |jdt-debug-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx
                   |council@xxxxxxxxxxx         |
          Component|Architecture Council        |Debug
            Product|Community                   |JDT
            Version|unspecified                 |3.5

--- Comment #2 from John Arthorne <john_arthorne@xxxxxxxxxx>  2008-12-17 19:36:51 -0400 ---
A dependency on JDT seems reasonable (even necessary) if you require support
for JVMs, Java launching, class path management, etc. Is it the feature
structure that makes you believe it is difficult to consume, or the
dependencies dragged in by the JDT launching support?

In any case, this bug seems more appropriate for the JDT Debug bucket.

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