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RE: [] Things Committers Should Know, December 2008

Hi Wayne,

+1 for the intro, the links and the last paragraph.

In the middle, I think I'd prefer to see the wording changed such that
the nugget highlights more what's likely unknown. We shouldn't talk
about things that we expect committers know already, but highlight
what's likely unknown. For instance, like this:

As an Eclipse Committer, you certainly know about IP Due diligence. But
did you know that the IP Process Poster [1] has been updated several
times in the past year to pick up new special cases? And, did you also
know that since June 2008 you're also required to push 3rd party
dependencies [2] through the IP Process?

By focusing more on what's likely unknown, I'd hope that we keep readers
interested. I'm afraid that when they get a feeling like "gee I know
this already" after the first few words, we might loose some readers.

Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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> Hey folks. I've put together a first entry [1]. Your feedback 
> is invited.
> I feel a little bit like I'm punting with this first one. The 
> requirement to keep things concise makes this a lot harder than I 
> thought. Still, making sure that people are at least aware of the 
> existence of these two documents is important.
> I'd like to send this out next week.
> Thanks,
> Wayne=
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