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[] F2F in June?

Architecture Council members,
Our last conference call didn't go as well as I had hoped mostly because we had a much larger turn-out than I had hoped! So it was good news, but a bad effect :-) Would you all like to have a F2F on June 19th in parallel with the Board meeting? A F2F will work better for this larger group than a conference call. Plus, if enough of you are willing to meet, I'd like to set up an agenda with some breakouts, etc. Of course, this will only work if enough of us attend - otherwise we'll have the opposite problem of too few people.

I think there are lots of interesting things to think about including the topic that I wanted to discuss on the phone last week: how can continue to enhance the _architcture_ of the projects to encourage more contributions. (Our phone conversation diverged into "how to post news messages to encourage contributions" which was interesting, but not what I thought we were going to talk about.)

Please RSVP to me by Wednesday the 23rd whether you would be willing to come to a June F2F for the Architecture Council.


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