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[] Architecture Council call back on again; still RSVP for EclipseCon

Title: New Page 1
Architecture Council members,
Jochen pointed out that I shouldn't be the linchpin of the Architecture Council and, while it hurts my ego (just kidding), I agree. So it was wrong of me to cancel next week's Architecture Council call just because I cannot attend. Please consider me a flip-flopper and the call is back on for next week: Thursday, February 14, 8am Pacific, 11am Eastern, 5pm European time.

We will need someone to moderate the call (type in the magic code), so if you'd like to be the chair, please contact Anne at emo@xxxxxxxxxxx. I'm sure that that someone can do a better job than I of typing up the minutes on the wiki, so I look forward to reading the results.

- Bjorn
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