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Re: [] Wiki page: How to contribute

Sorry, I missed today's call.  The wiki page says that "A reminder email
will be sent to the list in advance of the calls" but I guess I should not
rely on that. :)

Some time ago, I created a wiki category called "How_to_Contribute" and
added some existing pages to that category, including the pages from
individual projects on how to get their source code, create patches etc.

I just added the new general page to the category.  If I missed any
project-specific pages, please add them to the category as well. You can do
this by adding the following at the bottom of your wiki page:


Boris wrote on 17/01/2008

> Hi,
> There was talk on the call today about encouraging new contributors and
> committers.  While many projects have documents specific to themselves
> with project sets, etc., I think it would be nice if there was an
> document.  I started one with some details of what I'd
> like to see there.  Feel free to add comments and/or things you'd like
> to see.  I'll start filling them in but it would be great to have some
> help.
> Thanks,
> Andrew
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