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[] Agenda for Architecture Council meeting, Esslingen, October 12

Architecture Council Members,
Our meeting in Esslingen on October 12th is rapidly approaching. We'll be meeting in the Sitzungsz room starting at 9:30am on Thursday, October 12th. This is after the keynote by Jeff McAffer. All the details about the Summit are on the website:

Agenda items:
  • Proposal to make the mailing list archives open to the public. Currently there is no archive and thus our conversations are not open and transparent. Thus we are not "walking the walk" of open source principles. Our minutes are open, but our conversations are not. I think they should be.
  • Potential new role for the Architecture Council as per the proposed new Development Process. and
    How will we accomplish this?
  • Status on action items from our June meeting: JVM issue, build infrastructure, Orbit project.
  • Monthly Council calls. These have been very poorly attended. Should we continue to have them? Should we schedule them differently? Send out reminders? Etc.
I am open to other agenda items.

- Bjorn

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