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Re: [] Architecture Council meeting in Chicago June 28th

Title: Re: [] Architecture Council meeting in Chicago June 28th
Perhaps we can add the concept of a common build to the agenda as well? It’s an inevitable next step and is related to the topic of an Eclipse Commons (who will build these projects?).  I doubt it will always be the case that what’s in commons is pre-built binaries

With that, it would seem logical that the basebuilder itself be maintained within commons and developed to support all Eclipse projects.  This topic was raised on a Callisto call and it was agreed that we could all benefit from a ‘buildmaster summit’ to begin discussing what a new/improved basebuilder would look like.  Perhaps this discussion can begin at this next AC meeting?


On 6/7/06 11:31 PM, "Bjorn Freeman-Benson" <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Architecture Council Members,
As you know, the Q2 council meetings are being held in Chicago at
the Hotel Allegro ( <> ). The schedule will be:
Tuesday (June 27th) evening - Group dinner at at the 312 Chicago Restaurant. (Please RSVP via
Wednesday (June 28th) morning - plenary session with all three Council and the entire Board

Wednesday afternoon - architecture council meeting

   Tuesday 27 Wednesday 28 Thursday 29  
 am Requirements Plenary w/ Board Planning  
 pm Architecture  
 eve Group Dinner      

The agenda for the Architecture Council is (to date) a single item:

  • Eclipse Commons.
  • One of the things that a number of projects and ecosystem have noticed is that (a) the tree of dependencies between Eclipse projects is wide and shallow and thus (b) if two projects want to share some code, it must be pushed into the platform project because that's the only common ground, even if the code in question is of absolutely no use in the platform itself. And this leads (c) to bloat within the platform, which does a great disservice to people in the community looking to use the platform to write lean and compact RCP apps.
  • The idea of an Eclipse Commons project has been floated; the Architecture Council seems to be the place to discussion the goals of such a project.
    • Is this for EPL'd Eclipse plug-ins that are shared between projects?
    • Do projects graduate plug-ins into the commons? If not, where does the code come from?
    • Is this for Legal-approved third-party code, e.g., Apache logging, packaged as a plug-in?
    • What is the governance model for the Commons?
    • etc.
Look forward to seeing you there...

P.S. The next Council meetings will be in Stuttgart Oct 10-11-12 in conjunction with our first Eclipse Summit Europe.

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