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[] Architecture Council contribution to the Roadmap (potentially embarrassing; you'll want to read this today; not tomorrow - today)

Well, in spite of the action item from our last call (an action item that everyone agreed to) for the architecture diagrams to be completed by the 16th, and in spite of today being the 22nd (that's 6 days after the absolutely last deadline), only Richard Gronback sent in his diagram.

Unfortunately, in spite of all of you (except Richard) not putting in the 1/2 hour necessary to produce your architecture diagrams, the Roadmap still needs to be completed. It's actually part of the Bylaws of the Eclipse Foundation, so there is really no option.  Hence I wrote up an Architecture Council Roadmap page.

This is an embarrassing page. It mentions each person who agreed to submit the material and did not, and it mentions them by name, and it mentions them by name in 34 point font. That's Kevin, John, David, Harm, Wenfeng, John, and Michael.

The Roadmap is a frozen document and thus, unless I receive a diagram from you by Sunday midnight, this is the way it's going to go out to the public, and the way the Board is going to see it, and the way it will be stored on the website for as long as Denis can keep the servers running.

SO IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE LISTED AS NOT PROVIDING A DIAGRAM, this is it. Technically, last Monday was the deadline for shipping this to the membership for the one month pre-review. We're giving it another few days but then the Bylaws say it has to go out. No ifs and ors or buts.

Here's what it looks like. Scroll down to find your project's section:

P.S. I cannot draw these diagrams for you. I don't know your architectures. You'll have to do it or be listed in black and white.

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