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[] Confernce call minutes (2006-02-09)

Kai Nyman
Rich Gronback
Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Michael Scharf
David Williams
Wenfeng Li
Anurag Gupta
John Duimovich

Stefan Daume
Harm Sluiman
John Graham

Don Ebright
Kevin Haaland
Boris Kapitanski
Mike Milinkovich
Tim Wagner
John Wiegand
Alan Young

Discussion of the Architecture Roadmap Contribution
Bjorn asked "what is the architecture council going to provide for the Roadmap?" and pointed out that "nothing" is not really an option. We have 11 days left to produce something as the Roadmap must be completed by Feb 20th.  David suggested that each PMC Lead update their diagrams from last year and new top-level projects create a diagram.  Anurag suggested that we have both 'current' and 'future' diagrams.

ACTION ITEM [Anurag]: send email to the mailing list requesting the diagrams by one week from today. Send the URL of the diagram so that it can be incorporated into the Roadmap.
ACTION ITEM [Wenfeng]: send email to Bjorn with textual description of overall diagram
ACTION ITEM [Bjorn]: turn Wenfeng's email into a nice introduction block diagram

Next Architecture Council Meeting
The Council will meet the Sunday before EclipseCon from 1pm to 5pm. One agenda item will be to discuss what the Council's input to next year's Roadmap will look like so that we can get started earlier and not embarrass ourselves with a seriously truncated contribution again.  We would like to get input from the add-in provider Board members.

ACTION ITEM [Bjorn]: invite the Add-In Provider board members to the Council meeting.

Callisto Update Site
David presented his ideas for the update site, but the discussion didn't go very far because few attendees had read the proposal, much less thought about what it might entail. Additionally, very few of the project representatives were on the call thus reducing the effectiveness of the discussion. Wenfeng and Rich have both sent their feature lists to David for three of ten (3/10) of the inputs.

1. Confirmation: the Eclipse Platform only requires Java 1.4.
2. David plans to write up a "best practices" document for adopters who feel the need to patch a project's code and distribute that to consumers. There are good ways to do this and bad ways.

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