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RE: [] Conf call for Thursday

ci can't make it either :-(

> 9am PST

> 613.287.8000

> or 866.362.7064

> passcode 874551#


> moderator 505808#

From: [] On Behalf Of Harm Sluiman
Sent: 09 February 2006 12:50
Subject: Re: [] Conf call for Thursday

Unfortunately I am in transit today and won't be able to make the call.

Thanks for your time.
Harm Sluiman, STSM,  
phone:905-413-4032   fax: 4920  
cell: 1-647-300-4758
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Bjorn Freeman-Benson <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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02/09/2006 01:12 AM

Please respond to

"" <>
[] Conf call for Thursday

Architecture Council Members,
We're going to try again for a call on Thursday:

9am PST
or   866.362.7064
passcode 874551#

moderator 505808#

I'm passing along the moderator code in case I can't get to a phone in time to start things off. If I can't, could someone else?  Thanks.

The agenda for the call will be discuss what we want the Architecture Council contribution to the Roadmap to be. The Roadmap will be published this quarter - we can either have something in it or we can not have something (of course, if we don't, we'll look a bit foolish).  Anyway, that's the topic for the day.

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