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[] Phone Number and one potential topic for discussion

Michael .. while it is "Bjorn's Number" ... I believe it will be

or   866.362.7064
passcode 874551#

since that's what it has been in the past.

I'm not sure what other's want to discuss, but if we have the call, I would like to hear if anyone has comments or questions on

And be sure not to miss the 'talk' discussion on

I realize many of you are also on the planning council, which "meets" again the next day, on Friday the 10th, but ... if there are architectural issues or questions,
then I think appropriate for us to discuss on architecture call. Plus .. no need to wait for a call, per se ... send me (or us) a note, or
post comments in

Any other suggestions for an agenda?

What's become of our contribution to the Eclipse Roadmap? (That's supposed to be finished by EclipseCon?).
[As far as I know ... we don't have any new contribution and probably could not in the short time left ... but thought we should
at least have an explanation why not! And, apologies in advance if I've just forgotten]  .

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02/08/2006 08:03 PM

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"Scharf, Michael" <Michael.Scharf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
RE: [] regrets for AC call        tomorrow(Thursday, Febrary 9)

when's the AC call? 2nd Tursday 12 (noon)  EST right?
What's the dial in number ans passcode?

From: [] On Behalf Of Tim Wagner
09 February 2006 01:41
[] regrets for AC call tomorrow(Thursday, Febrary 9)

I’m at a BEA organizational offsite meeting and will be unavailable all day.
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