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[] What to do with all these architecture pictures?

Any one (beside me) think these (and others) are worth putting on a wiki section?  Discuss pros/cons refine, evolve, and as with UI Guidelines, there might be some point someone ways "ok this is it"?

Do we need a whole "architecture" section of the wiki? See what evolves? Start a pool on its life-line?  :)


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12/16/2005 09:32 AM

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RE: [] Second half-day raw minutes

Here's the slide.  Feel free to update and copyright at will ;)

- Rich

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Here is the slide about eclipse architecture that we jointly edited and
"almost" agreed upon - before loosing some enthusiasm - as stated in the
minutes. This slide is anyway a result from our joint work and I think
this it has some value just because we have all worked toghether around
it; even if it is not our architecture reference model.

Could Michael or Richard send me the other architecture slide that we
also felt warm feelings about - I would like to use it here inside Nokia
when introducing people to Eclipse projects (I do not label it as my
It is a beautifull illustration of the most important Eclipse work



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