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[] Architecture Council Agenda (revised)

Architecture Council Members,
Here is a revised agenda for our meeting that starts tomorrow.

The schedule for the meetings returns to the "Portland style":

  Tuesday 13 Wednesday 14 Thursday 15
am Requirements   Plenary w/ Board Planning
pm Architecture 1/2 Architecture 2/2
eve Group dinner w/ Board    

You've all already made hotel reservations, but just in case you forgot where it is, the hotel is the Serrano Hotel, 405 Taylor Street, San Francisco

Tuesday afternoon:
  1. [All] Choose a time for monthly Architecture Council calls. Our calls to date have been sporadic and, to be honest, not that useful. However, there is a theory that if we get in the habit of regular monthly conference calls, our interactions and collaborations will increase. Let's try it for six months and then either it will be successful or we'll give up.
  2. [Harm] Discuss tools and suggestions for UI-based Eclipse testing. Tim says that BEA uses Abbott plus some homegrown extensions. Rich says Borland uses some homegrown tools. Harm says that TPTP uses a UI macro record-playback tool from the PDE folks and that he'd be happy to demo it for the AC.
  3. [Kevin] Status report from Kevin on the effort to use new Eclipse wiki ( to create user interface guidelines as an improved version of the existing old Platform team UI guidelines - how many projects have expressed interest/have joined the effort?
  4. [Kevin] Status report from Kevin on Activities and Activity Categories for progressive disclosure. Kevin was going to send the documentation to our mailing list (but I can't really complain about it not happening because I still haven't posted the minutes from three months ago).
  5. [Kevin,All] Status report on the agreed-upon change to using ICU4J.
Wednesday afternoon:
  1. [All] Draft the architecture contribution to the Roadmap v2.0. The purpose of this Roadmap is for new developers and new ecosystem companies to get their first understanding of Eclipse plug-in development and building extensions to the Eclipse projects.
We will put together this Roadmap as follows:
  1. (1 hour) As a group, we will sketch an architectural block diagram.
  2. (1 hour) We will break into smaller working groups and write a paragraph or two of prose about each block in the diagram. We will re-group and combine these paragraphs.
  3. (2 hours) We will break into smaller working groups again (different groups) and develop a list of three patterns used in each project. The constraints are:
    1. The three or four most important patterns for understanding the architecture of your project
    2. At least one of the patterns must be unique, i.e., we cannot all say "the Adapter pattern" just because it is used in the core Platform.
    3. Each pattern should reference its published description - on the website or or the Gang of Four book or wherever the pattern is described.
    4. Each pattern should cite one or two outstanding examples in the project's code.
Ward will help us with this, obviously :-)

Group Dinner Tuesday Night
1830 cocktails, 1900 dinner at the Ponzu Restaurant (at the hotel). Those of you who pre-registered for dinner know who you are. Those of you who didn't - well, there aren't any seats left in the dining area, sorry.

Plenary Session Wednesday Morning
0800 - 0830: Continental Breakfast
0830 - 1000: Steven O'Grady (Redmonk): Building Communities
1000 - 1015: Break
1015 - 1100: Topic Leader: Mike Norman
I'm very interested in interoperability amongst projects, not just in terms of interop through the platform, but interop with each other.  There are related issues of re-use, packaging, release trains, quality etc.  There's a balance to be struck between a top-down and a bottom-up model. This is something that I think would be a useful area for the board to flesh out a policy.  However, it's not really for EMO execution, more something that is in scope of the Councils, so it ends up back with the member organizations, with EMO facilitation.
1100 - 1200: Topic Leader: Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Currently, the Board and the Projects see the development process differently. The Board wants protection; the Projects want freedom; each side needs to understand that there is value in the other's view and that some middle ground is going to be the best solution.
Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Director, Open Source Process
Eclipse Foundation
voice:  971-327-7323 (PST, UTC-8)
email:  bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx

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