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[] October 11 conference call minutes

We discussed two issues and produced one action item. We adjourned early to allow ourselves 30 minutes to work on the action item.

We discussed what we should be creating for the architecture diagram for the Roadmap. Is it a summary of the current state? Is it a discussion of the future and forward looking architecture? Is it useful to the existing projects or is it just seen as a waste of time providing no benefit to the teams? We concluded that we needed to have documentation of the existing architecture before we could do anything more forward looking so we resolved (ok, ok, Bjorn browbeat everyone into agreeing) to spend a half-hour writing up their current view of the Eclipse Platform architecture.  These emails might provoke discussion on our mailing list, plus Bjorn is going to merge these all into a discussion document for our next call.

ACTION ITEM: Spend a half-hour to write up what you see as the current Eclipse architecture.

The other item we discussed was what to do about plug-ins that require too many other plug-ins. Kai had a number of examples, but we decided that in order to have a reasonable discussion, we needed to send the examples/issues around in advance of the call to allow time for everyone to prepare.

    Bjorn Freeman-Benson
    John Graham
    Rich Gronback
    Kevin Haaland
    Wengeng Li
    Kai Nyman
    Michael Scharf
    Tim Wagner
    David Williams

    John Duimovich
    Anurag Gupta
    Boris Kapitanski
    Mike Norman
    Harm Sluiman
    John Wiegand
    Alan Young

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