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[] Raw notes from 8/25 Architecture council meeting

Raw notes from 8/25 Architecture council meeting
(taken by David Williams)

Launch Configurations
deployments model        
[Action] Harm to follow up with Brian and report back on call)
- - - - - - -
need for Resource/Workspace design document        
        Brian (alf) interested

need to compare/contrast with "logical resources"

[Action] dw to "publish" more detail behind this list (2 weeks from <today>)
              ac to express interest, concrete overlap, concrete usecases (two weeks from then)
              2 or 3 items, or so, picked as "most important to solve generically .. with help        
                from projects to specify, validate designs, adopt earlier

[Issue] especially with "train" there's risk of "no whole picture" review of menu's, activities, etc.

[Issue] too difficult to install (update) features from projects (the "train" assumes whole projects installed).
[action] publish "feature"  description/dependancies/post to mailing list

[issue: all projects should have an "activities" (capabilities) story]
[action] projects to publish and present or distribute by ?next phone call?

[action] Kevin to respond to 107980 (to enhance welcome screen/visibility)

[Issue] some conflicts due to life-cycle solutions in each project (e.g. each have a unique "deploy" solution).

[action] kevin to send "logical resource" links
[action] dw to send link to "flexible natures" (done)

= = = = =

Next Phone call: approx end of sept.
 review project architectures:  which reps send to mailing list in advance

[later will be the one of each of our naive view of whole eclipse architecture]

next meeting in December
1. Rich suggests identify through automated analysis some of the projects.
ACTION [Rich] will do this for a project or two (Platform WTP, TPTP) and present the results at next council. He will also generate the dependency picture.            

2. finish roadmap document

3. Drill down on validation and static analysis, harm
(4. wrap up launching story, tptp).
5. dw to present "state of" flexible projects

6. deep drill down of one project (1 to 3 hours) (dtp)

7. "deep" demo of one project  (dtp)

8. demo of "install zebra train" (to be demo'd by Mike)

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