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RE: [] API spec feedback

Thanks for the comments.  The spec I have provided links to is the XML report design file "API" spec.    I  was wondering if there is example specs that documents non code "API". 
For Java APIs and extension point specs, we will follow the Platform and JDT projects' "reference" section in the Developer's guide online documentation.   BIRT R1 download includes online documentation and reference (as a documentation plugin).
In addition to online doc, there are overviews and examples for the java APIs in BIRT project's  web site.  please following links ...
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Wenfeng, I'll give a couple of brief comments. My questions/comments will seem rudementary since I know so little about using/extensing BIRT.
But, perhaps at that it'll demonstrate how you can better introduce new, naive users like me  :)

I do think its pretty good, along the right lines and format seemed easy to use, thought I'm not familar with it (Is it entirely on web? Or is there a version available from local system, once BIRT SDK installed?)
I didn't notice many examples, but did just skim it quickly.
Also, in many of the references, it did not seem to address error conditions (e.g. resource in use exceptions, disk full, not to mention just passing bad parameters, etc.).
Am I reading this right ... that this spec, and add-in-providers would have to work entirely in _javascript_? (well, with the little bit of XML that points to the _javascript_?).
I sort of missed the "traditional" ways that people extend Eclipse .. subclasses and extensions to extension points ... are there simply none? (If so, you might make that
more obvious to an Eclipse audience).

Well, I know its not much, but thought I'd start there, so you wouldn't think no one was reading it :)


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05/19/2005 10:58 PM

Please respond to

"" <>
[] API spec feedback

Fellow architecture council members

We had a great discussion on API specs. in our council meeting.  I would like to get your feedback on the way how BIRT are creating specs

Following are the links to BIRT's report object model "API" spec.

Documentation link...

Reference link..

Please send me your comments and places that we can improve.

Also pointers and links that exemplify good API spec are appreciated.


Wenfeng Li
PMC Lead
Eclipse Business Intelligence & Reporting Tools Project
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