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Re: [eclipse-scripting-dev] [ease-dev] EASE vs Eclipse Workbench (e4 or Eclipse 3)

On 22.08.2014 04:22, James Watkins-Harvey wrote:
is EASE targeted at running only in e4? Or is maintaining compatibility with Eclipse 3 Workbench a goal? I see that there has been some attempts at exploiting e4 to dynamically build the script menu, but it seems to me that the equivalent is also possible without compromising Eclipse 3 support….

Not sure how many people already subscribed to the new group, so I will crosspost this to the old group too, as I think this is an important decision:

My personal interests do not include 3.x compatibility anymore. However when we started out last year there were quite some people around asking for 3.x compatibility. That's why the UI menu integrations are somehow splitted. We have the e4-ish way of adding scripts to any context menu (the code needs some adaptions and is currently in a parked state) and we have the 3.x compatible way of adding menu contributions to toolbars and view menus.

So as long as we can still support 3.x I would try to stick with it. But therefore some additional adaptions would be needed. eg a target platform using only 3.x components. I am pretty sure that we have some unnecessary version ranges in the plugin dependencies.

Anyone on the list that definitely wants 3.x support?


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