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Re: [eclipse-scripting-dev] Scripts don't show

Hi Paul,

Two things first:
Thanks for your interest!
Please use the ease-dev mailing list in the future. This one might get
archived rather soon (bug 441908).
Mailing list location is available via our webpage

Now for your problems:

> Trying out the EASE with JavaScript. Added a project as Script Location
> added a few .js file there, but they don't show up in the Script Explorer,
> in the context menus of the shell and Module Explorer.

Script Explorer, and shell will not display all scripts available in the
workspace. Instead they monitor specific locations.
You can set those in preferences/Scripting/Script Locations
Afterwards you should see your scripts in Script Explorer and the Shell.

Other scripts may be launched using the launch shortcut (right click the
file/Run As/EASE Script) or a run configuration.

> Neither does the Module Explorer show any Modules (and judging this
> thread there should be at least a few default ones, if I'm not mistaken:

Did you install the component "EASE Modules (Incubation)" from the update
Just tried it out with a fresh Luna and modules System/Resources and
System/UI show up
In shell and Modules Explorer

> Is this maybe broken in the nightly build? (I just installed EASE from the
> nightly update site)

Tried with the current nightly build

> Is there an non-nightly update site that might be considered a bit more
> stable?

Not yet, we need to work on our first release.
I cannot guarantee for every nightly build to work (regarding some logical
errors in the code),
but on failures the nightly site will not be updated by our build scripts.

> I've also tried to run some of the sample scripts provided here, but none
> work due to unresolved references:
> /org.eclipse.ease.lang.javascript.examples/samples/scripts

They are contained in the repository, but not shipped with the installed
features for exactly
that reason. They need some love and caring and will reappear in the
repository - hopefully soon.


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