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[eclipse-scripting-dev] Jython Debugger - final functionality


since the Google Summer of Code program will end a week it was suggested to make a soft-deadline today and just finish up with documentation and last minor fixes the rest of the time.

I am very pleased to announce that I managed to implement all of the required and some of the desired functionality.

To give you a quick overview, it is now possible to:
  • Launch a Python script in debug mode.
  • Set / delete / enable / disable breakpoints before and during execution.
  • Have the debugger break at breakpoints.
  • Stop debug execution.
  • Set conditional breakpoints.
  • Use step functionality (over, into, out) when debugging.
    • Step into works for all functions that are not part of Jython or its standard library (standard Python debugger behavior).
  • Display the call-stack when execution is suspended.
  • Display the local variables for all frames in the call-stack.
  • Use the "Suspend on script load" option of the Debug Configurations.
Additionally it is still possible to import Elipse or Java modules in the Jython code and use them there. This functionality was already implemented by adaussy before.

The code is currently hosted on the Eclipse gerrit server [1], adaussy's github page [2] asĀ  well as my private github page [3] but we will hopefully be able to at least merge the github pages in a somewhat more official location. The Python code can sadly not be hosted at Eclipse due to licensing issues.

If you want to try the debugger please follow the instructions at the Eclipse wiki [4] and then import the additional github repositories [2] [3]. As long as the repositories are not merged you will need to fix some visibility issues in the org.eclipse.ease.lang.python.jython.debugger package. Once the repositories have moved I will update the wiki accordingly and let you know via this mailing list.

As I will still continue to work on this project after Google Summer of Code feel free to voice feedback and wishes or ideas here.

Best regards,


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