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Re: [eclipse-scripting-dev] Setting up git support for contributing

On 15.05.2014 16:16, Dinis Cruz wrote:
Ok, so from the page I see that the public git page is at with the main repo at

From page points to , is that page still relevant? And if so, shouldn't /org.eclipse.e4.scripting. be there?

You are right, so I just updated the CONTRIBUTING file.
Your best option to get the code is gerrit nowadays:

EASE is currently developed under the hood of the e4 incubator. As we want to evolve and start working on releases we have to move out and become a full eclipse project. We are currently in the preparation phase for this step, so we have to move our code locations soon anyway.

I have to say that I have more experience in using GitHub than the current Eclipse foundation set-up, so my current plan (unless you can point me on a better direction) is to create a fork/clone of in GitHub and use it as a base for my changes/patches/fixes/branches.

Eclipse Gerrit would be my preferred option, but if you fork on github that will be fine anyway. So far I am not familiar with the process of implementing changes you do on github though. Would you provide patches for the eclipse repo then?

If you depend on external libraries like org.groovy you need to start outside eclipse anyway. There I would opt to either fork from EScriptMonkey on github or directly work on that project on github. If you provide your github ID I could ask Arthur for the access rights


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