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[eclipse-scripting-dev] EASE Jython debugger


first of let me quickly introduce myself, I'm Martin, studying Software-Engineering in Graz, Austria and have been accepted to write a Jython debugger for the Eclipse Advanced Scripting Environment [1] as part of this years Google Summer of Code [2] program.

My project proposal can be found on Google Drive [3]. It explains my plans in detail, I still would like to give a very brief introduction:

I will implement an eclipse plugin that adds Jython debugging functionality to the EASE Jython environment. As a start I will implement the basic debugging functionality, like handling breakpoints, inspecting variables and analyzing the callstack. Depending on my progress with this I have optional (nice-to-have) features like watchpoint support or variable modification during runs.

The proposal is just a proposal (redundant information is redundant). It contains the points that seem important to me but is of course open to discussion. If you have any additional ideas or requests feel free to let me know.

A first question from my side would be, if there are any preferences on the Jython version to be used for the Python part of the debugger. The current stable release is 2.5.3 but there is a quite good beta for Python 2.7 support as well (2.7b1) [4]. Although it is not a problem for me to write code that works with both 2.5 and 2.7, I still want to ask if the 2.5 support is desired or necessary for anyone of you? Python 2.5 is rather old now and lacks some nice-to-have features of Python 2.7 like string formatting or especially the "with" statement. If 2.5 support is not necessary i'd prefer to write the code for 2.7, since I am personally writing code for this version most of the time and became quite comfortable with its feature-set. But as I said, it would be no problem to use 2.5 as well.

That is all from my side for now, once again I am open to any input and will gladly try to answer any questions.

Have a nice day,
Best regards,


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