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Re: [eclipse-scripting-dev] Eclipse as middleware for software development tools

If I understand you right you propose some kind of remode port to execute jobs within the eclipse IDE, right?
While EASE itself does not have any dependencies on network comunication it could easily be extended to accept 'scriptlets' from a remote port. In fact we were discussing such a feature some time ago, but dropped it due to missing interest.
What is missing right now are modules, pieces of java code that do the modeling tasks you need.
You also need to define whether you want to run eclipse in a headless mode or with UI. Will your modeling tasks work without UI? Furthermore you need to decide whether you want to fire up a new instance of eclipse for each modeling task or to keep one instance running feeding jobs to it.

Seems to be an interesting idea. If scripting can help you here I am glad to give advice.

keep us informed on this

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