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Re: [eclipse-scripting-dev] Aspirant for Gsoc in Eclipse scripting


great you are interested. Please have a look at the ideas wiki [1] where we published 2 topics regarding scripting. Both require to do some work in Java though. The topic on the python debugger needs some Python/Java bridge that requires some skills in both languages.

For further information start browsing the wiki [2], and try to get the source code to have a first impression. How to do that is explained in the wiki. For what you can do with EASE you might want to see the presentation from eclipsecon Europe last yeas [3].

if you have more insight questions, please come back and ask!



On 13.03.2014 16:37, Manas Joshi wrote:

I am very interested in Eclipse scripting for Gsoc this summers. I have knowledge of c, c++, github, phython and php. I am keen on learning. I have read the documentations available. I would be glad if someone could help me in knowing more about the project.

Thanks and regards,

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