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Re: [eclipse-scripting-dev] Exploring joining forces



great you joined!

For other users here, Diniz contributes a Groovy REPL Scripting Environment [1] to the eclipse marketplace which seems to have quite some overlaps with the EASE project.


The EASE incubator project was created last summer as an effort to bring scripting into eclipse. By then we used some ideas from EclipseMonkey and a script framework called EScript.

Basically it allows to hook script engines of different kinds (currently JS Rhino and Jython are supported) into eclipse. You get some launcher support, an interactive shell and a nice little mechanism to dynamically inject libraries into your interpreter.

These libraries are the best part as you do not need to build a DOM for your interpreter. That can be done externally by automatically wrapping Java classes into script code.

There is some more stuff up to come. Eg inject your scripts into the UI (toolbars, menus), consume scripts using generic URIs, …


My suggestion would be to look at the features and requirements you have for your Groovy REPL env. and see if this would fit to EASE.

It would be great to include groovy support in EASE but we have currently no developer taking care of that topic. Feel free to step in J







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Hi Christian, as per you comment on Iets continue the conversation here.


I think there are a lot of synergies between both our efforts, so what are your initial thoughts?



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