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[eclipse-scripting-dev] Find a project name for "eScriptMonkey"


as we want to bring eScriptMonkey to e4 rather soon, we are looking for a nice project name. What we like to find is

* a real name, not an abbreviation with some letters
* a name that is not all too common, we want to be found by google
* a name that reflects what eScriptMonkey is doing:
        -allow for dynamic scripting
        -extend Eclipse functionality with installable scripts
        -interact with the IDE
        -automate tasks
* something fresh, not related to any legacy projects

So far we had some suggestions (some of them not meeting the requirements above)

* ScriptMyEclipse
* ScriptEclipse
* Phoenix
* toth
* EasyScript
* EScript
* Eclipse ScriptingDSEE: Dynamic Script Execution Environment (pronounce: [di: si:], like the 2nd part of AC/DC)
* EASE: Eclipse Advanced Scripting Environment 4Script (If we are host in E4) Scriptic Scripto

Please add your suggestions


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