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[eclipse-pmc] Committer Election for Hannes Wellmann on Eclipse Plugin Development Environment (PDE) has started

A committer election for Hannes Wellmann on project Eclipse Plugin
Development Environment (PDE) (eclipse.pde) was started by Lars Vogel with
this criteria:

I would like to nominate Hannes als PDE committer. Hannes is already a
committer in m2e and in Equinox and also contributes to Maven Tycho.

Hannes is very quality orientated, contributes on a regular basis new tests
and is responsive to feedback in reviews. His contributions help to simplify
the PDE code base, to improve the launch of plug-ins and the target editor

In the last three months, Hannes was the third most active developer of PDE,

Here is a list of his contributions:

~/git/eclipse.pde.ui$ git shortlog --author "Hannes"
Hannes Wellmann (23):
Pre Bug 570956 - minor refactoring & fix Exception if project is closed Bug 570963 - DirectoryBundleContainer unify feature & bundle resolution Bug 570956 - ApiAnalysisApplication: Restore original project buildSpec
       Bug 570959 - ApiAnalysisApplication: Remove imported project on exit
       Bug 575106 - addition: apply missing version bump
       Bug 575112 - improve runtime behavior of PluginRegistry.findModels()
       Bug 575115 - replace DependencyCalculator by DependencyManager
       Bug 575419 - check jars on Bundle-classpath for exported folders
       Bug 539637 - Major rework of dependency computation in
       Bug 539637 - fix incorrect location URI during I-build tests
Bug 577116 - Improve test utility method reusability and simplify tests
       Bug 577385 - Add tests for Plug-in based Eclipse-App launches
       Bug 576885 - Unify methods to parse bundle-sets from launch-configs
       Bug 577689 - Replace deprecated LaunchDelegate in osgiFrameworks.exsd
Bug 577689 - Fix remaining fully-qualified names in osgiFrameworks.exsd
       Bug 577629 - Unify project creation/deletion in tests
       Bug 577541 - Clean up ClasspathHelper and TargetWeaver
       Bug 577543 - Only weave dev-CP entries of actually used platform
       Bug 577804 - Use Status factory methods and Status.OK_STATUS
       Bug 577805 - Use IStatus.isOK()
       Bug 577118 - Handle multiple Plug-in versions in launching facility
       Bug 577940 - Remove unused property id-match of FeatureImport
       Bug 577999 - Remove unused property 'match' of FeatureChild

He also has currently lots of (currently 12) pending additional reviews for
PDE, see

Please join me in welcoming Hannes.

Eclipse Plugin Development Environment (PDE) project committers can click the
election link below to vote.



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