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[eclipse-pmc] Committer Election for Hannes Wellmann on Eclipse Equinox has started

A committer election for Hannes Wellmann on project Eclipse Equinox
(eclipse.equinox) was started by Thomas Watson with this criteria:

Hannes Wellmann recently started making significant improvements to the
Equinox Framework in the past few releases.

The following is a list of bugs that have been worked on by Hannes this year
so far:

Bug 576644 - Implement BundleReference for BundleURLConnection
Bug 576643 - Clean up and unify Bundle resource classes
Bug 575698 - Simplify creation of Enumerations
Bug 575580 - Return a copy-on-first-write List in InternalUtils.asCopy()
Bug 575579 - Unify InternalUtils.asList...() methods into one
Bug 575576 - add tests to ensure (un-)modifiability of Wiring lists
Bug 574872 - [Clean-up] Simplify lambdas & use method-references (5)
Bug 575125 - Only check BundleDescription's dependents for fragments
Bug 575015 - [Clean-up] Use Compator.comparing
Bug 574872 - [Clean-up] Simplify lambdas & use method references (4)
Bug 574850 - [Clean-up] Remove generic type arguments where possible (2)
Bug 573026 - Apply NamespaceList to ModuleRevision and its builder

Some of these required changes to core bits of the framework to improve
overall performance of the dependency model of OSGi.  As a reviewer of Hannes
contributions I found them to be very good and showed a thorough
understanding of the core concepts of the Framework.  Hannes attention to
detail allowed him to make significant changes without risking the stability
of the Framework  Other contributions helped improve the codebase by
modernizing it with some "clean up" fixes.  Something I have not had time
myself to do so it has been appreciated.  Finally, Hannes is also willing to
contribute to the OSGi Working Group with suggested improvements and
implemented such improvements in Equinox (for example, Bug 576644).

For these reasons and the long-term outlook for their involvement on the
team, it is my pleasure to nominate Hannes Wellman as a committer on Eclipse

Thanks Tom

Eclipse Equinox project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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