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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Apache Ant Version 1.10.11 CQ

Greetings Eclipse PMC.

I noticed that the PMC mailing list was not sent a notification of this CQ. IPZilla is supposed to send this notification to the PMC, but apparently didn't and so you were not informed that your attention was required. 

The Webmaster has been wrestling with some trouble related to IPZilla sending email to the PMC mailing lists, and I believe that the problem has been addressed. AFAICT, the CQ was created at about the same time that the webmaster believes he figured out the problem with the notification, so I'm hopeful that the issue has been resolved and we won't have this delay the next time a project operating under the Eclipse TLP creates a CQ.

In the meantime, the IP Team -- understanding that time was tight -- assumed your approval and processed the CQ.

Assuming that I still have everybody's attention...

CQs are not required for service releases of previously-approved content. So, since we already have a CQ for Apache Ant 1.10.2 (CQ 15560), a CQ for 1.10.11 is not strictly required by the IP Due Diligence Process.

Further, it's also the case that committers do not strictly need to have a fully vetted and approved CQ for a milestone build. We changed the IP Policy a few years ago to turn this around a bit. You do require that all third party content be fully vetted before you can push out a release, but any nightly, integration, or milestone builds leading up to that have no such requirement.

It is, of course, never wrong to get ahead of these things and get the CQ process flowing early, but the EMO does not consider completing the IP due diligence process a blocker for a milestone build.



On Thu, Jul 29, 2021 at 12:00 PM Sarika Sinha <sarika.sinha@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Apache Ant Version 1.10.11 needs approval from PMC.
CQ has been checked for License and is waiting for PMC approval.
Ant jars are included in the Orbit build which needs to be adopted for Eclipse 4.21 M2 release due tomorrow 30th July 2021.
Thanks & Regards,

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