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[eclipse-pmc] Committer Election for Jonah Graham on Eclipse Platform has started

A committer election for Jonah Graham on project Eclipse Platform
(eclipse.platform) was started by Lars Vogel with this criteria:

Jonah contributes to Platform since a long time:

vogella@spike:~/git/eclipse.platform.swt$ git shortlog --author "Jonah"
Jonah Graham (16):
       Bug 552716: Remove overly pessimistic assertion
       Bug 563018: Document dispose not required for Color
       [trivial] Remove redundant instanceof/cast
       Bug 563451: Cleanup variable names in S-Leak
       Bug 563451: Add a save to file option for S-Leak
       Bug 563018: Improve description of Color.dispose
       Bug 563560: Don't report Colors in S-Leak allocated resources
       Bug 563560: Add new constructors to Color that don't require a Device
       Bug 563560: Stop using Color constructors which take a device
       Bug 563560: Remove out of date notes about limited color displays
       Bug 563560: Document recommended constructors without Device argument
       Bug 563560: Document getDevice not recommended for Color
       Bug 565209: Stop tracking Colors in Device
       Bug 563477: Allow enable/disable SWT Resource Tracking at runtime
       Bug 561328: Modernize code in Sleak tool
       Bug 561328: SLeak provide a smarter diff

vogella@spike:~/git/eclipse.platform.text$ git shortlog --author "Jonah"
Jonah Graham (1):
       Bug 465684: Allow initial visible region of 0,

Jonah Graham (6):
       Bug 499533: Show full path within zip file to project
       Bug 535285: Remove from PSFs
       Bug 544945: Fallback on Action's text for onboarding-text
       Bug 516470 - [IDE] IDE.getEditorId(IFileStore) is private
       Bug 563452: Add missing dispose of WorkbenchLabelProvider
       Bug 563454: Fix equals/hashCode contract for DecorationOverlayIcon

vogella@spike:~/git/eclipse.platform.resources$ git shortlog --author "Jonah"
Jonah Graham (1):
       Bug 552606 - Don't loose builder args for clean

vogella@spike:~/git/eclipse.platform.debug$ git shortlog --author "Jonah"
Jonah Graham (1):
       Bug 484882: Synchronize access to fSortedConfigNames

Jonah is also the team lead of CDT and EPP and very active in building up and
increasing the Eclipse community.

Please join me in welcoming Jonah to the Eclipse platform project.

Eclipse Platform project committers can click the election link below to



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