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Re: [eclipse-pmc] MacOS 11 + Apple Silicon Enablement

I don't have any pointers to Java SE plans, and obviously, that would be a requirement. Given a working Java, based on what Apple is saying publicly, it should be reasonable to do the port. Having hardware to work with would definitely be important.
I don't believe there's a plan item yet, but Dani or the SWT component leads should just create one. Really, it's a no brainer: If we don't support MacOS 11 on Apple Silicon, we'd effectively be saying "Eclipse on Mac is over", and given the number of developers who use Macs (including me ;-) ) that would be bad.
Eclipse PMC members, let's discuss in our next call.
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Paul and I just got off a call with someone from Apple partner enablement who is wondering what the Eclipse IDE's plans are for support MacOS 11 and Apple Silicon. As I am sure you are aware, Apple announced back in June that they were switching off of Intel.

They are willing to make some machine resources available to us. But we were wondering if there is already a plan to support MacOS 11 in place that we can refer to? Does anyone know what the Java SE release plans are?



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