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[eclipse-pmc] Do we still need to file CQs?

Last week Wayne posted some updates on the IP process [1].  Please pay special attention to "Leverage other sources of license information for third-party content." and "ClearlyDefined is a trusted source of license information." paragraphs .
It's worth noting that PB CQs are no longer needed too.
According to this I could have skipped filing CQ for ICU4J 67.1 [2] and rather pointed to [3] and get it contributed to Orbit based on that.
That would be a huge reduction for releng as right now updating deps is still a lengthy and painful process involving many steps by committer/pmc/IP team/orbit committer and etc.

Let's discuss at some of the next PMC meetings when we have everyone.


Alexander Kurtakov
Red Hat Eclipse Team

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